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We now have the Character List AND the Category is gonna be moved from "Cartoons" to "Movies" the next time they rearrange stuff on ^^
Now go and update your stories with the appropriate characters ;D

Hey peeps. I have just requested a Character List for the Mulan fandom on, seeing that we are slowly reaching a total of 400 fics in the section. This should make individual browsing a lot easier. Let's see if something happens =)

Blogger's Notes
Here come a lot of new fanfics that I haven't gotten around to read myself yet people. The pre-read summaries are lacking, hence I quote the original descriptions from til then.
Enjoy! 8D

1st Step: Deactivate Advertising on…

2nd Step: READ 8D
(Alphabetically sorted and always to be updated)

General Mulan

Fireworks… by Eclipse Bloodmoon (Oneshot)
Sarcastic but poetic view on Mulan's dinner with Shang. An unusual combination that's easy and enjoyable to read.
Words: 1,565

Leap of Faith… by araeph CLASSIC
A couple of bandits show up and they carry a big mystery. This story is well balanced and pays its respect to all characters of the movie. Definitely worth a read.
Words: 112,345

New Moon over the Middle Kingdom… by David Clark Allen CLASSIC
Being one of the first fanfics this story is a classic that every Mulan fan should read. Neatly balanced this fanfic captures the spirit of the movie greatly without being repetitive of it.
Words: 31,056

:new: Pretty Warrior… by
Original Description: A month after Mulan saved the Emperor China enters an era of peave but when a new emperor takes the throne will his strict taxes and new laws cause Mulan to lose everything including her life?
In Progress

Soldier… by FearandLoathingXIX
A rather new fanfic that – unlike to first expectation is neither a scene analysis, nor an AU, but moreso a big missing scene during the song-sequence of “I’ll make a man out of you”. This story is easy to read and has a great characterisation.
Words: Words: 44,540

:new: The Flowers of Spring… by Wickfield
With Mulan's success at the army, an ancient curse comes back up and threatens her life. An exciting adventure about our favorite free-spirited heroine.
In Progress

The Great Fa Mulan… by araeph
Authors writing about authors. Do not trust the media! You’ll see why ;D Comedic Twoshot.
Words: 3,869

Mulan/Shang Romance

A Life to Remember… by The thecoldest raindrops are tears New
Mulan suffers from memory loss. Shang tries to help her remembering – with a twist.
In Progress

A New Life Together (1)… (Mature Version)… (Non-Mature Version) by WarriorPrincess17
War is not the only challenge Mulan has to deal with. What is marriage like when you cannot live up to the expectations put upon you? Light-hearted fanfic with easy comprehension style.
Words: 21,654

:new: A General's Secret (2)… by WarriorPrincess17
Sequel to "A New Life Together"
Original Description: What if Shang finds out a secret that can change his life around?
Words: 13,790

:new: Taking Risks and breaking Rules (3)… by WarriorPrincess17
Sequel to "A General's Secret"
Original Description: The Huns are slowly gaining forces and Shang is called up to recruit the old soldiers back and new ones as well. When Mulan returns to the army to train, a soldier happens to fall in love with her. Will Shang and Mulan's marriage be at risk?
In Progress

Letters of Bonding Truth… by Lynn12
Mulan is not allowed to go to war, Shang and her keep in touch by letters. No decent summary without spoilers, sorry folks
In Progress

Secrets Revealed littlemissmulan2011.deviantart… by DarkmatterNova (dA Intern)
Alternate Universe Story in which Mulan becomes pregnant during her training. How does she pull through? Edgy content at parts.

:new: Towards the Setting Sun… by aleaiactaest93
Five months after the Hun invasion Shang appears at the Fa Family home. He is to head an army going west, and has an important message for Mulan. What will happen? A tale of hardship and the love that blooms in the midst of battle.
In Progress

Yin and Yang out of Balance (1)… by paulinaortega
Quarrels are the renewal of Love. Light-Hearted Training setting, with a surprisingly dark-themed sequel.
Words: 14,237

The Struggle of Yin and Yang (2)… by paulinaortega
Sequel to “Yin and Yang out of Balance”. With a far more serious tune the research for this fanfiction really shows off.
In Progress

Mushu centered

A Dragon’s Lament… by NutBunnies
Mushu is surrounded by death all the time for his home is a tomb. But how does he take it if his best friends move to the other side?
Words: 977

Babygirl… by levy120 (Oneshot)
To a guardian a human life is but the blink of an eye. Experiment written for chazzafan's contest.
Words: 600

Just Between Guardians… by levy120
When Shan-Yu died, his falcon swears revenge upon the one who killed its master and the one who kept him from saving the Hun. Luckily for him, both of them belong together.
Words: 12,622

The Night of the Forlorn Souls… by levy120
What we do know is that Fa Deng lost his head thanks to Mushu. What we do NOT know is how it happened. Surprisingly light-hearted fanfic with regular and black humour. Mulan Prequel.

The Rude Awakening of the Great Stone Dragon… by Alliriyan (Oneshot)
Hilarious. Spot On. Enjoyable.
Words: Words: 1,812

The Truth of my Heart… by Nyachu (Oneshot)
Mulan is slipping through his fingers… or is she? Warm-hearted story about Friendship and Loyalty.
Words: 1,480

Time in the Eyes of a Dragon… by katrinamyla
A grandmotherly Mulan has fallen ill and now Mushu and her grand daughter are out to bring her medicine. A story of friendship and trusts that grants a completely new perspective on things.
In Progresss

Vengeance will be mine… by bookwormgal New
Mulan falls victim to an assassination attempt; Mushu pursues the culprit. This fanfic brings a great balance of characters, well done OCs and a good mix of events.
Words: 31,543

:new: With my eyes… by levy120 (Oneshot)
Missing scene set between where Mulan and Mushu first meet until her first entrance at the camp. How did Mushu get the permission to hide under her shirt?
Words: Words: 1,219


The Ghost of Shan-Yu… by Lian-Hua CLASSIC
This contains lots of hilarious pointers and ghost possession. Definitely worht a read. First Mulan fanfic to be on - a classic.
Words: 12,285

Shan-Yu the Dentist… by Freidon Oneshot
Zombie Dentist Shan-Yu at your service. Give me your tooth Mushu and I’ll sing for you ~
Words: 1,966


Black Pine and Sulphur… by Alliriyan (Oneshot)
The Girl, her Doll and Devastation. Drama.
Words: 641

Confusion… by MalyssaQuark (Oneshot)
Shang’s opinion on ‘Ping’. Slash? I’m not sure. But hilarious either way.
Words: 219

Heart of a Dragon… by Pricat (I read she has a dA now, but I have not yet found her)
Warm-hearted story with a big cheer-up factor. Partly AU
In Progress.

Her Father’s Heart… by OneWingedSeer (Oneshot)
What did Mulan’s family go through while she was at war? Fa Zhou reflects.
Words: 447

I’m her Guardian… by NutBunnies
The Mulan Movie from Mushu’s Point of View
Words: 22,173

Lonely Doll… by Arachne Acantha (Oneshot) New
Death is Sleep’s Brother.
Words: 463

Making Men… by PeaceRoseG'ladheon
The Mulan Movie, from Shang’s Point of View
Words: 25,469

Mulan 2,1… by Alliriyan
What if the sequel had been GOOD?
In Progress

My friend Ping… by Deebzy
The Mulan Movie, from Ling’s Point of View
In Progress

Nai Nai Saves the Day… by araeph
Nai Nai means grandmother – nuff said. Good laughs guaranteed.
Words: 6,084

Prison Break… by Marius Creb
Whatever happened to the 5 huns that Mulan and then Gang of Three battled in the great finale of the movie? Imprisoned… but they don’t plan to stay there.
In Progress

The Adventures of Little Brother… by thecoldestraindropsaretears New
The little dog sure likes Shang ;)
In Progress

The hidden truth… by :devI-Love-Mulan-13:
What if her secret was never found out during the movie?
In Progress

The Winds of War… by Following My Own Footsteps
Mulan and Shang train new recruits – one of them stands out. There is something they must know.
In Progress

Thoughts at the Thung Shao Pass… by romancerox (Oneshot)
A missing scene that gives us a view on Chien-Po's reaction about finding the General's helmet. Dramatic poesie
Words: 1,121

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I do this list by base of; If you know more fanfics from other sites? Shoot me, I’ll add them!

Note: When requesting stories, mind the rules of this Fanclub, people ;)
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